Financial emergencies can befall anybody and no one can predict when they will happen. When they happen, many people will turn to loans to fill a financial gap. Problems arise when the borrower has a bad credit history or does not have collateral. Getting a loan approved by a bank or other financial organizations without some type of collateral is not easy. This is a bad situation considering that statistics show that a large number of people have a bad credit rating. If they do approve unsecured loans, they will charge you a high interest rate and still the wait period before approval is long. Thank God for installment loans even people without an ideal credit score can get a loan. An installment loan is a loan that is repaid over a period of time, usually in equal monthly installments' until the loan is paid off. Installment loans are a good way for people with bad credit to get cash advance. Lenders of installment loans do not usually do a credit check on the borrower. These come in handy during times of emergencies such as medical bills. An example of an installment loan is a signature loan. This type of loan does not require the borrower to produce any type of collateral before they can get a loan. All that is required is the signature of the borrower and prove that they have an income that will enable them pay back the loan. For further details regarding online installment loans, go to

Another advantage of installment loans is that they are very easy to access these days. They are available online and you just need to make an application and wait for the lenders to contact you with an offer. The interest rates on installment loans are a bit higher than those for conventional bank loans due the fact that there is no collateral for the loan. They are however the easiest types of loan to get approved. There are online companies that work to link the borrowers with the lenders. An example is Wire Lend.

 Wire Lend is not a lender for installment loans but an intermediary between the borrowers and the lenders. If you are looking for a signature loans californiaor other states where it is legal, Wire Lend will help you. When you send your application to Wire Lend, they send it to the partner lenders who in turn process your application and some may call with an offer. You can review the offer to accept the terms or decline if you do not like it.